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Cutting through the Clatter

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

The case for video.

In this age of smart phones, email, instant messaging, print and social media and now the Internet of Things, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the massive amount of information coming at us every day.

To cut the clattering in our minds—we try to triage; we learn to prioritize and pay attention only to those messages that appear to be urgent, important, interesting—or all three.

Conscious decisions

Canadian professor Marshall McLuhan explained how we do that in his book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964), some thirty years before the Internet. That triage I mentioned apparently happens at the empirical level of consciousness, where "the medium is the message". In contrast, at the intelligent and rational levels of consciousness, the content is the message and, quite possibly, the source of some knowledge we are seeking.

Anyone who has casually scrolled through an endless roll of Facebook posts in search of those rare nuggets that will interest or inform them is already adept at this type of triage. Those header posts alone may work for simple messages like brand awareness or an event promotion, but it presents challenges for a more complex product or service that needs us to click-through for more content—such as features, benefits, specifications and an effective call to action.

Video eclipses

To compound the marketing challenge, even when today's audiences do view the content, they seem unwilling to read and comprehend great slabs of paragraph text, either on social media or a website. Enter video which, when well done, dazzles and delights the senses and can convey information at subliminal speeds.

Cisco estimates that. by 2020, fully 82% of all data transferred online will be video—and it’s not all Netflix and YouTube; 75% of business executives watch work-related videos weekly.

For marketing purposes, video has increasingly eclipsed other media partially because it has become remarkably affordable, even for small business. In under an hour, a creative person with a smartphone camera can shoot, edit and post a simple video clip that will stream from their website or social media page. Add another hour or two to tag the video, set up SKUs and link it to an item for sale in an e-shopping cart and they are open for business.

The agency niche

Of course, setting up the technical infrastructure to enable that takes a while longer and it takes some specialized skills to do it well, but it no longer requires the long-term, fixed costs of a large, in-house marketing department.

That reality is what created the niche for us at New Tangent and other agencies; there are great savings to be realized by paying only for the duration of the initial assignment and thereafter on-demand for updates or changes in scope.



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