AN ENERGETIC AND INNOVATIVE business professional, I offer many years’ experience of working in high technology and digital media sectors. 

My career has included marketing, sales, consulting and management roles in multinational, public, non-profit and small/medium business sectors.

  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills.

  • Exceptional business writing and oral communication skills.

  • Professional leadership skills.

  • Able to communicate effectively—verbally and in writing.

  • Adapt quickly to changing situations.

Career Highlights
  • Military service in British Army (rank on leaving: Captain).

  • Consistently exceeded goals selling "big-ticket" products and services.

  • Demonstrated success in the development of business cases for new products and services.

  • Fast-tracked to management levels at IBM.

  • Started and grew my own consulting business

  • Designed and created compelling digital graphics and video media for clients.

Recent Positions
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Earlier Career

Following my post-secondary education at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and British Army service, I started my career with IBM, which provided formal cross-functional training in sales, market research, marketing, business and financial planning and management. This gave me a great start as a business development professional.  I have consistently augmented that knowledge base with ongoing professional development courses.


I've also served extensively in B2B marketing:

  • Award-winning developer of business cases for new products and services.

  • Developed many new product distribution, pricing, marketing and e-business strategies.